A place for students at Hasselt

Hasselt not only has 78,223 inhabitants, but it has also been the second home of a lot of students for years. Still, the student city lacks something essential: a student house. With the Student Hotspot we want to change that!

Do you want to gain information about 'student things’? Studying together with other 'victims' of the block? Partying without disturbing the local residents? Rehearsing without disturbing your flatmates? In the Student Hotspot it's all possible. Together with our partners we offer students from all educational institutions in and around Hasselt their own, recognizable, permanent place. Or at least that is the intention...

We are currently working hard to develop our dream into a cozy, multifunctional and above all student proof place. This is how we want to breathe new life into Hasselt as a student city! Hopefully we can soon welcome you in our house for, by and with students.

Help - from all corners - is of course more than welcome!

Would you like to think along, make a (financial) contribution or support this project?

Then be sure to let us hear from you via or contact +32471/32 9007!

You can also find us on